Switch Over / Ducker

This solution offers all types of Fail Over / Switch Over (5.1 to Stereo, 2xStereo) and similar associations for Ducking (5.1 to C, L&R or L&C&R; and 2xStereo ducking).

    The inputs of the C8082 Solution is equipped with level detectors for either detecting a loss of the input or an active source for Ducking. The Fail / Duck detection section performs the logical action depending on the various input statuses and user defined operating modes.

    C8082 provides access from C8000 frame bus (8ch) for 5.1 or multiple stereo processing. In switch over modus, the DSP monitors a number of sources, and when detecting an absence of or low input level on one of the targeted sources, the C8082 performs automatically a fail over switching.

    6 channel outputs feed the processed signals back to the C8000 frame bus. Each of these 6 outputs has the Jünger brickwall limiter with look ahead function. This limiter not only provides smooth non distortion output in case of an overload but also defines the maximum output level. The algorithms are adaptive to the material so only one parameter, the Limiter Program, is needed to set up this part. For 5.1 or stereo processing the limiters control circuits are automatically linked together for proper multi channel operation.

    The C8082 Fail Over / Switch Over is particularly useful when using Junger Audio’s integrated Dolby 5.1 processing chain, and receiving Dolby E encoded signals. As a matter of fact Dolby E signals if wrongly encoded by the sending source, won’t provide any proper audio once decoded, and to prevent silence at the output the C8082 automatically switches to the PCM audio of the given contents.

    C8082 is a module designed for the C8000 modular system . I/O’s are provided in the desired format through the C8000 modular processing platform.

    Configuration and operation are performed via web interface. Remote control via GPI or through 3rd Party Devices (through open Ember protocol).

    Key Features

    C8082 Switch Over / Ducker  Block Diagram
    C8082 Switch Over / Ducker Block Diagram
    • Switch Over or Fail Over
    • Voice Over
    • Ducking of Program Audio
    • Signal Loss Detection
    • Web Configuration


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